There is no greater priority for Northamptonshire Police than tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE) and bringing offenders to justice. It is also a national policing priority.

In this year’s Police and Crime Plan, Adam Simmonds, the police and crime commissioner, pledged an additional £1 million to go directly towards strengthening the resources around proactive policing to tackle child sexual exploitation.

Child sexual exploitation is a major child protection issue across the UK and tackling it is a national policing priority.


The force has demonstrated its commitment to the issue with the delivery of a high-profile countywide marketing campaign, launched this March, aimed at raising public awareness of the signs of CSE, along with more targeted work to educate specific groups like hoteliers and taxi drivers.

The Reducing Incidents of Sexual Exploitation (RISE) unit is the multi-agency team which exists to prevent and protect young people from CSE and prosecute offenders.

RISE includes police officers, CAN, youth workers, Children’s Social Care workers and a professional within health and education.

The force is placing additional resources into RISE by strengthening its arm of the team by an extra two officers. This means the team will consist of twelve specialist police officers working within RISE – six proactive and six investigative.

There will also be additional staff to support investigations and proactivity, including analytical support and a Digital Media Investigator.

Tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE) and bringing offenders to justice is a priority for Northamptonshire Police. We are now operating with a deeper understanding of child sexual exploitation and we follow national best practice.

We treat CSE with the utmost sensitivity and would urge anyone who has concerns about a child who could be at risk to come forward.

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