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What is Op Illustration?

Op Illustration is a countywide police-led campaign to tackle graffiti and associated anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

Its aim is to track graffiti writers and bring offenders to justice, to educate young people around graffiti, to encourage the reporting of information and to energise a partnership approach to ensure that our communities become safer and more pleasant places to live and work.

Phil Wane, a Police Community Support Officer with Wellingborough's Safer Community Team, has taken a robust approach to the problem of graffiti in the town.

Phil's work in Wellingborough is now being replicated by PCSOs in other parts of the county and has the backing of the Force's community safety team.

Phil said: “There is a clear link between areas of graffiti and anti-social behaviour such as littering and drinking and a perception that youths ‘hanging around' are causing trouble.

“Graffiti is defined as ‘writing or drawings that are scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place' and graffiti writers use spraypaint, stickers, stencils and pencils to mark their territory.

“There is almost an acceptance that graffiti is a way of life, that it won't go away, that there is little point addressing the problem.

“There is a clear impression that nobody cares and we have to address that if we want to make the areas where we live safer and more pleasant places to be.

“We have to work more effectively with our partners to tackle the problem and by taking an education and enforcement message into our schools and out to a young audience via social media.”

On this page you will find more information about the campaign, contact details for any information you can provide us and an opportunity to ‘tag' graffiti writers through our #NameThatTag website feature.



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