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Ports Unit

Click here for current UK Terrorism Threat Levels.

Northamptonshire Ports Unit is a dedicated team that serves to protect the border and deter terrorism, espionage and organised crime such as drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Northamptonshire Ports Unit works closely with partner agencies, including UK Border Force, the National Crime Agency and Civil Aviation Authority.

We currently oversee approximately 31 small ports all of which are non-designated, meaning there are certain requirements placed on pilots arriving from outside mainland UK (see GAR section).

We would encourage all members of the aviation community to report suspicious activity at airfields and we are currently promoting Project Pegasus, an initiative aimed at reducing the threat from organised crime and terrorism (see Project Pegasus).

In addition to Project Pegasus we also promote Project Kraken which encourages the maritime community to report suspicious activity. Although Northamptonshire is completely landlocked it does have a network of inland waterways and large maritime community.(see Project Kraken)

If you have any information on suspicious activity at your local port or inland waterway please do not hesitate to contact us no matter how minor you think it is.

Contact Details

Phone: 101 (03000 111 222 if dialling from outside of Northamptonshire) and extension 343 610 or 346 112.

If no-one is in the office then you can contact the Ports Officers on 07557 775 106 or 07557 779 902.

Email: ports@northants.pnn.police.uk

Fax: 01604 888 575



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