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Toddlers taught 999 song for emergencies

April 19, 2017

Children at the Rocking Horse Day Nursery in Greens Norton have been taught a 999 song to help them understand how they can get in touch with the emergency services if in need.

The toddlers dressed in police hats and coats sang the lyrics to the song to the tune of ‘If you’re happy and you know it’: 

“If you need to call for help dial 999

If you need to call for help dial 999

If you think that you’re in trouble, and you need help on the double

If you need to call for help dial 999”

PCSO Charlotte Morris said: “It was fantastic to see the children knew the meaning behind the 999 song and had an understanding of which emergency service to call should they ever need to.

“It’s great the nursery was able to promote this in such a positive and fun way.”

Rocking Horse day Nursery Manager Kim Espiner said: “Following the children’s interest in the emergency services, nursery practitioners Lucy Brown, Rachael Gulliver and I planned a topic around 999 and found a song that was easy for the children to learn and ran alongside other activities we were doing at that time.

 “The children had great fun learning about the emergency services and how they can help them should they ever need to call.”

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