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Police issue warning over dangerous batch of drugs

June 1, 2018

Police officers are issuing a warning to the public after a potentially dangerous batch of ecstasy pills has made its way to Daventry.

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: “We have received intelligence that a bad batch of drugs is currently circulating in the Daventry area. 

“The pills in question are Green Heineken ecstasy tablets – drugs that are similar in appearance to those that could have caused the tragic deaths of two young people at a music festival in Portsmouth last weekend.  

“While taking drugs always comes with danger and we absolutely do not condone their use, we have a duty to protect people from harm and therefore it is imperative for us to warn drug users about this potential threat to their lives.”

Anyone with any information, or concerns about drugs in their community, is urged to call police officers on 101.

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