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Police issue warning following ‘urban exploring’ incident

August 8, 2018

Police officers are issuing a warning to young people about the dangers of ‘urban exploring’ following an incident yesterday (Tuesday, August 7) when a boy fell off a roof.

The incident happened at about 2.10pm, when a 12-year-old boy who had been playing on the roofs of buildings in Abington Street, Northampton, fell through a skylight, causing himself a number of injuries.

All three emergency services were called to the incident with the boy being taken to Northampton General Hospital. 

Police Sergeant James Elliott, said: “This incident could have been so much worse and thankfully the boy in question did not sustain life-threatening injuries. 

“However he easily could have done and I hope this serves as a warning to those people who think playing on roofs is a good idea - it is extremely dangerous and could lead to a serious injury or even death.

“There tends to be two groups of urban explorers – people who try to do it in an organised way with safety in mind, and young people who are ill-prepared and ill-skilled, who put themselves and others at risk.

“We understand that young people want to have fun but they need to understand the dangers that this kind of activity brings as well as understanding that the very stretched emergency services who attended the scene yesterday could have been needed elsewhere.

“We want to educate rather than enforce. If we can prevent this kind of activity from taking place we’re removing risk and preventing criminal behaviour, helping keep everyone safe.”

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