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Crime Prevention at Silverstone

Crime prevention advice for people attending the 2017 Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

For security reasons at this year’s event all people entering the circuit will be subject to extra searches of their bags and their person. This will make entering the venue slower than in previous years. In order to facilitate quicker access you are advised by Silverstone Circuit management to only bring one bag in to the venue, and that it is no bigger than a standard rucksack (max 20 litre capacity). 

We do, however, encourage all those in attendance to follow the terms and conditions of entry and to also be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity to site security staff or the police.

The Grand Prix is the country's biggest sporting event in terms of the number of visitors and Northamptonshire Police is committed to ensuring everybody who attends has a safe and enjoyable weekend.

We have a large number of police officers, PCSOs, police staff, specials and volunteers on duty throughout the weekend, to ensure the Grand Prix and associated events take place safely.

Follow @NorthantsPolice on Twitter or 'like' Northamptonshire Police on Facebook for up-to-date information throughout the weekend.


  • If you can't live without your smart phone, tablet or laptop make sure you protect it. Download an anti-theft app before you set off; most are free, quick to install and will give us the best chance of finding your phone and hopefully catching the person who took it. To find and install an app go to your app store and search ‘anti-theft'.
  • Before you leave, make sure someone back home has details of the make and model of your phone, its IMEI number and any passwords. Also note down the account username and password of your tracking app.
  • When you arrive at Silverstone please remember to be discreet with your phone, keep it out of sight.
  • Register your property phone, MP3 player, camera and other property on the Immobilise database. It takes only a few minutes and is free.
  • Use a UV pen to write your postcode and house number on your property - it's invisible to the human eye but if your gadget comes into a police station we will check it with our lights and return it to you.
  • Finally, please remember that it is against the law to report a lost phone as stolen just so you can get a crime reference number and claim on your insurance to get a new phone.

Tent security

  • Don't leave your valuables in your tent when it is unattended.
  • Leave your tent untidy, don't make it easy for a thief to grab a bag with everything in it.
  • When you're in your tent secure the zip pulls together with a padlock, to stop anyone getting inside.
  • Remove your wallet or purse from any clothing and hide money close to you while you sleep. Consider investing in a money belt that you can wear while you sleep.
  • Consider buying some purse bells or purse alarms that activate when your purse is removed so you can hear it being stolen.

Personal safety

  • Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you when you take out your wallet. Don't take more money than you need, there are cash points on site or you can pay for items on your card.
  • While walking around the Silverstone site and campsites try and stay with friends, especially at night - there really is safety in numbers.
  • Stick to walking in well lit areas where possible.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. We would advise against wandering around wearing headphones.
  • Have a good time, but remember that drinking too much hampers your judgment - one drink too many can lead to many problems - not least forgetting where your tent is. You can also become prone to assault or robbery when drunk - so try not to have too much and keep aware of your surroundings.
  • Consider the need to carry around a personal attack alarm some are available with a torch.
  • Don't challenge people looking through tents - report them to Silverstone campsite/circuit staff or the police.

Car crime prevention advice

  • Don't leave any property on display. What is not valuable to you, may be valuable to someone else.
  • Make sure you close your windows and lock your car, put your alarm on and use any visible security device, like a steering wheel lock.


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