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Educational Driving Courses

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There are currently five courses available:

  • National Speed Awareness Course
  • National Motorway Awareness Course
  • What's Driving Us
  • Driving 4 Change
  • Driver Alertness Course

For more information on the courses, please read below.

The Driving 4 Change Course and Driver Alertness Course have an on-road element, clients will only permitted to participate on a course if the photograph on your licence is in date (field 4b on your licence gives the expiry date of the photograph). You must produce the pink photo card licence.


On receipt of your new driving licence a course may be booked.

If you have an old style driving licence this must be produced as well as some photographic identification, such as a passport.

Booking a course

To book a place on a course within Northamptonshire, visit www.ttc-uk.com or call TTC on 01604 981601.

To book a place on a course elsewhere in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, visit https://offer.ndors.org.uk.

National Speed Awareness Course

As part of our Safer Roads Strategy, Northamptonshire Police operates National Speed Awareness Courses for some speeding offences. This is offered as an alternative to points on the licence with the aim of educating motorists about speed.

Offenders who fall within the eligibility criteria are offered the Speed Awareness Course at the point at which they would normally receive the Conditional Offer (speeding ticket).

Each course lasts four hours and includes discussion of a number of topics by the group, including:

  • Possible reasons as to why drivers speed
  • Moral dilemma scenarios and pressure on the driver
  • Potential consequences of excessive speed on the driver and other road users
  • 'Why do we have a 30mph limit?' bringing home the point that speed limits are exactly that - limits and not targets
  • A series of scenario cards detailing specific circumstances - the participants are asked to identify hazards and the appropriate reaction
  • Coping strategies for drivers to control their speed
  • Summing up by the trainers with the emphasis on driver responsibility

The course is classroom-based with up to 24 delegates. You won't have to take a test but you will be expected to make a positive contribution to the course. The course has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere; it is not intended to make you feel like a criminal. Even professional drivers with many years experience have reported a positive benefit from attending.

Courses are led by fully qualified and approved driving instructors who have been trained specifically to deliver this course to a national standard. Because Northamptonshire is part of the national standard, it means that offenders who have been caught in other parts of the country that operate the National Speed Awareness Course can opt to attend a course in Northampton.

National Motorway Awareness Course

The National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC) is a classroom based course, which lasts for 3 hours 45 minutes. There are up to 24 people on each course and 2 course trainers. The people attending are of all ages and driving experiences. It is a relaxed setting for you to assess your driving behaviour and gain tips for improved driving in the future. The course may be offered at the discretion of the police to those motorists driving on motorways who have been detected exceeding the active variable speed limit either by a police officer or an automated camera device. The course is also applicable for motorists who have passed through a mandatory red X lane closure signal and for the incorrect use of hard shoulders and emergency refuge areas.

What's Driving Us Course

A 3 hour classroom theory course, What's Driving Us? aims to identify and discuss the root causes of driver behaviour leading to a better appreciation of, and consideration for, all other road users.

The What's Driving Us course is for those drivers where the evidence suggests by an act or omission their mischief was intentional or deliberate i.e. the driver knew their actions amounted to an offence, but the circumstances surrounding the nature of the offending and the environment in which the offence took place did not amount to high risk or high harm.

You won't have to take a test but you will be expected to make a positive contribution to the course. The course has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere; it is not intended to make you feel like a criminal.

Offenders who fall within the eligibility criteria are offered this course at the point at which they would normally receive the Fixed Penalty Offer.

Driving 4 Change Course

This course is for the driver who demonstrates carelessness or under performance. A lapse of concentration, an error of judgement, a general mistake, or a lack of awareness of the law pertaining to the offence that he or she has committed, that has not had wider consequences (i.e. collision).

This is a two and a quarter hour practical course. There is no test and the training is specifically tailored to the ‘offenders' own particular needs.

Driver Alertness Course

This course is offered when a motorist has been involved in a Road Traffic Incident and there is sufficient evidence which indicates that they have been "Driving Without Due Care and Attention, or Driving Without Reasonable Consideration for Other Road Users" contrary to Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, or other like offences, they may be given an option to attend a National Driver Alertness Course. This is offered as an alternative to having the incident referred to the Crown Prosecution Service which usually results in a Summons to attend court where the driver may receive a fine and penalty points on their driving licence.

Location of courses

Courses in Northamptonshire are held in Northampton and Corby, and will be shown during the TTC booking process.

Further driver training opportunities

Want to improve your driving? Passing a driver's educational course could reduce your vehicle insurance premium. Research shows that those who participate in these courses are less likely to commit motoring offences and are also likely to reduce fuel consumption. Click below for more information.



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