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Fees for Firearms and Shotguns

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The Fees for the Grant, Renewal, Replacement and Variation of a Firearms Certificate

Grant: £88Renewal: £62Variation: £20Replacement Certificate: £4Co-terminous Grant / Renewal combination: £90Co-terminous Renewal Applications: £65

Presently no fee is charged for the issue of a European Pass or a one-for-one variation.

If you wish to have the Firearms Certificate and Shotgun Certificate expiring on the same date (co-terminous) a Shotgun Certificate can be brought in line with a Firearm Certificate but not the other way round.

Fees for the Grant, Renewal and Replacement Shotgun Certificates are:

Grant: £79.50Renewal: £49Replacement Certificate: £4

Registered Firearms Dealer

Grant: £200Renewal: £200Registration for Fairs / Shows in another Police Area: £13

Please make cheques to The Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire,this can be abbreviated to 'PCC Northants'.For information regarding the fees for the grant or renewal of an Explosives Certificate, please call 101 and ask for the Firearms Licensing Unit.


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