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Firearms Information

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What is a Firearm?

Firearm means any lethal barrelled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged and includes any prohibited weapon whether it is such a lethal weapon or not, any component part of such a lethal or prohibited weapon, and any accessory to any such weapon designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon.

And this includes:

Air Weapons

Which have been declared specially dangerous by the Secretary of State. These are: - (1) An air rifle or air gun capable of discharging a missile so that the missile has, on discharge from the muzzle, kinetic energy exceeding 12 ft.lb. except a weapon as described below. (2) An air pistol discharging a missile so that on discharge from the muzzle, the kinetic energy exceeds 6 ft.lb. (3) An air pistol, air rifle or air gun, which is disguised as another object. The exemptions from 1 & 2 above are weapons designed for use under water.

Gas Cartridge Systems

A self-contained gas cartridge system is a cartridge that contains both a charge of compressed air or other gas as well as the pellet.  Any air pistol, air rifle or air weapon which uses or is designed or adapted for use with a self-contained gas cartridge system must be held on a Firearms Certificate.

Good Reason for Possession of Firearms

Section 27(b) of the Firearms Act 1968 provides that the Chief Officer of Police must be satisfied that the applicant has good reason to possess, purchase or acquire the firearm or ammunition which is subject of the application. Good Reason is demonstrated by the applicant showing that they have acceptable facilities, i.e. Land or Membership of a Shooting Club to use the type of firearm or firearms concerned.

Target Shooting

If you wish to use the firearm for target shooting please enclose a copy of your shooting club membership card or letter from the club secretary confirming your membership. You will be expected to be a full member. If you are applying to renew an existing certificate a Club Official should be one of your nominated referees. Variations. This does not apply to variation applications where there have been no changes since the grant of the last certificate and the additional firearm or firearms applied for are covered by the shooting club's 'approval'.

Vermin Control / Sporting Shooting

If you do not own the land or the shooting rights to the land on which you intend to shoot, please enclose a letter of permission from the landowner or the holder of the shooting rights. The letters of permission should cover each calibre you require. If you are applying for a variation to increase the number of firearms you wish to possess for vermin control / sporting purposes please give the reason for the addition. Simply stating 'Vermin Control' or 'Deer Shooting' is not sufficient. If for example you already have a .22 rifle for vermin control and are applying for a second you will need to justify the need for two in order that the 'Good Reason' can be assessed. Sound Moderators are classed as firearms and as such are required to be entered onto the application should you wish to acquire one. Listing the 'Good Reason' for your request.


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