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Presentation given by Superintendent Andy Cox on 18th August 2015 during his briefing to the news media at the launch of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commission’s report and further review into stop and search.

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PCC Adam Simmonds has praised Northamptonshire Police for leading the way on stop and search, and believes that forces across England and Wales need to go further and ensure restorative justice is at the heart of stop and search.
Speaking at the launch of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commission’s report into stop and search, Mr Simmonds highlighted a recent report by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary showing that in 27 per cent of cases, police fail to show they have reasonable grounds to carry out the search.
Northamptonshire Police has introduced a community panel, consisting of senior police officers and members of the public, which can review stop and searches carried out in the county.

Quotes from the briefing:

“Stop and search can be an invaluable tool, helping to detect and prevent crime and keep our communities safe. However, we recognise these powers need to be used with professionalism and proportionality and only when there is lawful justification.” Supt Andy Cox, County Policing Commander, Northamptonshire Police

“Stop and search is an important part of policing. It helps catch criminals and offers protection to the public. But it must be used responsibly if the public are to continue to have trust in the police.” Adam Simmonds, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire

I want to congratulate police leaders like Superintendent Andy Cox at Northamptonshire Police for transforming the way in which they undertake stop searches. I do believe the police have further to go so I am therefore commissioning an independent review across the county to be led by Mr Duwayne Brooks.” Adam Simmonds, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire

“When officers misuse their stop and search powers they are chipping away at the confidence the public have in the police. I look forward to working closely with Northamptonshire Police to ensure stop and search powers are used as a valuable tool, for both the public and the community.” Duwayne Brooks, friend of Stephen Lawrence

Stop and Search Policy

Click here to download the Stop Search Policy document.


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