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Our new way of working

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A modern, flexible, more responsive and customer-focused service

To make sure we deliver an efficient, high quality policing service to the people of Northamptonshire, we are adapting our current ways of working (our policing model) and making changes to our estate so they are fit for the future.

We have designed our new model based on thorough research and evidence, looking closely at the demands on our services and analysing the results. This has helped us develop new ways of working that will provide you with a more flexible, responsive, victim and customer focused service that can respond to the changing face of crime and better help those who need it.

We have also identified an increase in demand linked to being the fastest growing county over recent years. As a result, the Police and Crime Commissioner has agreed to additional funding for an increase in the number of frontline operational officers and staff.

We will continue to make the most of new technology and we are also investing in our estate to make sure we can provide modern, well equipped facilities for those who use our services and those who work for us.

But no matter what buildings or technology we have or how much we refine and improve our processes, it is our people who are the vital link. Our officers, staff and volunteers are key to truly delivering a service valued by local people and we know they will continue to work tirelessly to keep our communities safe and protect you from harm.

We are confident the changes we are making, as we move towards 2020 and beyond, will help us provide a better, stronger, more efficient policing service for the people of Northamptonshire.

Will we see a change to the service we receive from the police?

We will still respond to emergencies, police our neighbourhoods, protect vulnerable people and investigate crimes. However, we will be able to do this in a more efficient, responsive and customer-focused way as we will have our resources better aligned to demand.

We are confident the changes will be positive and will ultimately improve the service the public receive, such as a more consistent approach to dealing with incidents that do not need an urgent response, a quicker response times to emergencies, and Neighbourhood officers able to focus on engaging with local people and dealing with local issues.

The changes we are introducing are not unique to Northamptonshire. Most police forces in the UK are working hard to modernise services and make best use of available resources. We have reviewed what has worked well in other counties, to make sure we implement the best options for Northamptonshire. These changes will help us focus on the greatest threat, risk and harm and direct our resources to where they are needed most.

Will the people of Northamptonshire be safer after these changes?

Yes. We are absolutely committed to protecting the most vulnerable, responding quickly to emergencies, and protecting people and property. Our plans based on detailed research, analysis and evidence, and our resources will be put where they are most needed.


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