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Project Kraken

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Project Kraken is a joint agency initiative to increase the reporting of suspicious or unusual activity on our waterways. We hope to create a more hostile environment for organised crime such as illegal immigration, smuggling and terrorism, allowing our waterways and the surrounding environment to continue to be a safe place to work, live and relax.

Please report any suspicious activity to Northamptonshire Police on 101 quoting Project Kraken, or email ports@northants.pnn.police.uk

What is Project Kraken?

Project Kraken delivers an enhanced multi-agency ‘vigilance' capability within the waterways environment of Northamptonshire, tackling terrorism, organised crime and strengthening our borders against threats such as illegal immigration and smuggling.

Through enhanced criminal and counter terrorist awareness, strengthening of our borders and a promotion in the exchange of information, our ports and inland waterways can continue to be a safe place to live, work and relax for all.

How does Project Kraken work?

Project Kraken through the provision of a central number provides a mechanism for the reporting of unusual activity or behaviour, within the maritime environment, believed or suspected to be linked to acts of crime and preparatory acts of terrorism whilst at the same time strengthening our borders against illegal immigration and smuggling.

Whilst it is almost impossible to say with any certainty what a criminal or a terrorist might look like, an individual's activity or behaviour can become suspicious in the context of the location they are in.

Likewise, the presence of an unexpected or unusual vessel or cargo at a marina, canal or river may give cause for concern to those who live, work and relax in that particular location.

Project Kraken provides for the collation and assessment of all information and intelligence relating to such suspicious activity or behaviour in circumstances that could be linked to organised crime, terrorist activity or threats to our borders. It allows for the appropriate deployment of assets and resources from Northamptonshire Police, UK Border Agency, Serious Organised Crime Agency and other partners in response to a potential or defined threat.

What are the signs of Criminal or Terrorist Activity?

1. Tests of Security

Attempts to test security and response times when entering restricted areas.

2. Surveillance

Individuals taking pictures and making notes. Prolonged Activity in one area.

3. Equipment

Individuals buying or transporting unusual equipment, chemicals, uniforms, badges etc.

4. Suspicious Characters

People who are clearly not local and whose actions do not fit into the daily routine of the area.

What to look for

  • Filming adjacent to energy-related structures, military bases, bridges and significant infrastructure.
  • Filming security procedures whilst loitering around maritime facilities.
  • Evasive answers to common boating questions; deliberate attempts to avoid contact with others or attempts to avoid drawing your attention.
  • Lack of or inappropriate equipment and knowledge for the environment.
  • Insertion of strange objects into the waterways near bridges, pipes or critical infrastructure at unusual times or without normal support of service providers.
  • Suspicious characters or rentals using inappropriate large cash payments, daily extension of marina or port mooring.
  • Efforts to gain employment at sensitive sites or with outside agencies who have access to potential targets.
  • Deliberate recording of departure/docking procedures to include loading and off-loading of vehicles.
  • Attempts to abandon a vehicle and walk ashore.
  • Persons walking around the vessel, independent of each other, taking notes ostensibly on operations and meeting as a group after their observations are recorded to compare notes.

Terrorists and Criminals can be stopped.

Think B.U.O.Y

B e Alert, not Alarmed U nderstand your Environment O bserve what is going on around you Y ou see it, please report it


If you observe suspicious activity:

  • Do not take direct action.
  • Do not confront the individual.
  • Do not reveal your suspicions.
  • Do record as many details as possible.
  • Do notify appropriate authorities as soon as possible.

If you observe suspicious activity:

  • Who did you observe?
  • What did you see? Be specific.
  • Where did you see it?
  • When did you see it?
  • Why is it suspicious?

What do we ask of you?

Quite simply, to call the central number whenever you see any activity or behaviour that you feel is suspicious and which may be connected with acts of terrorism, serious crime or threats to our borders such as illegal immigration and smuggling.

If you are interested in or have any information for Project Kraken please email us at ports@northants.pnn.police.uk with your name, organisation/company, location and contact number.


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