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Responding to your call

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A better, more consistent, customer-focused response to all calls for assistance

  • 999 emergencies and urgent calls for assistance will remain a priority. We aim to provide you with a quicker emergency response by changing the daily duties and workload of our Response officers, making sure their prime focus is emergency and priority response.
  • For incidents that do not need an emergency or urgent response, we are developing a much more consistent, victim focused service, which will be delivered by a new Managed Appointments Unit.
  • This dedicated team of officers will offer pre-arranged appointments at a convenient location, helping us see more people more quickly and allowing our Response and Neighbourhood officers to remain visible and active on the frontline.
  • It is important we regularly review our resources to make sure they match demand, including the number of staff we have dealing with calls, so we can provide the best possible service and resolve more incidents at the first point of contact where this is appropriate.
  • Response officers will be based out of four ‘hubs’, located in Weston Favell, Daventry, Kettering and Wellingborough. However, while on duty they will be on patrol in specified locations, so they are more visible and so they can get to emergencies as quickly as possible.
  • They will have the technology they need to be able to do their job while on patrol, minimising the need to return to a police station.

Our Response officers will respond immediately to emergency incidents, such as:

  • When a person’s life is at risk or someone is being physically harmed or threatened
  • There is a crime in progress or the offenders are nearby
  • When a traffic incident is causing danger to other road users or where someone has been injured

Incidents that may be suitable for an appointment with one of our Managed Appointments Unit officers include those where a crime has already happened.

For example, if your shed has been broken into or property has been stolen from your car and there is unlikely to be any forensic evidence, or you were involved in an incident where you or someone else was assaulted but not hurt and you didn’t report it at the time.

For some incidents, we may be able to give appropriate advice over the phone or direct you to another agency better placed to help.

Appointments with our Managed Appointments Unit for non-urgent incidents will be offered at police or community locations, with home visits for people who are particularly vulnerable and unable to get to the appointment location, such as the elderly.

This appointment system will mean we can see more people more quickly at their convenience. You will not need to wait in for an officer to call at your house, who may not be able to keep to the agreed time because they responding to other urgent incidents.

How will the new managed appointments system work?

If the crime or incident does not require an emergency or urgent response, or it cannot be dealt with by advice over the telephone, you will be offered a pre-arranged appointment at one of six locations across the county. 

The person dealing with your call will assess if this is appropriate for you, based on the incident you are reporting and your needs – for example, if you have a disability which makes it difficult for you to get to one of the venues. 

Your appointment will usually be with an officer from our new Managed Appointments Unit (MAU). However, after completing initial investigations, if the MAU officer is unable to resolve the matter, they will hand the case over to the Force Investigation Team (FIT) for further enquiries.

In some cases, depending on the nature of the incident you are calling about, your first appointment might be with a CID detective or an officer from specialist team. This will help make sure your incident is dealt with by the most appropriate person at the earliest opportunity. 

Appointment locations and times

  • The locations have been carefully chosen based on close analysis of where the greatest demand on our services is.  
  • Appointments will be available in Northampton town centre, Weston Favell, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and Daventry.
  • You can attend whichever venue is most convenient to you, regardless of where you live or where the incident happened. 
  • Appointments will be offered between 9am and 8pm. 
  • If you wish, we will send you a text reminder prior to the appointment.
  • We know that some people will find it very difficult to attend an appointment at one of these locations and we will continue to provide home visits in some circumstances. If you have any concerns, please discuss it with the call handler when reporting the incident. 


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