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Victims' Right to Review Scheme

From 1 April 2015, victims of crime will have the right to request a review of police decisions in cases where it has been concluded that no further action can be taken.

The right to request a review has been introduced following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and applies to;

• National crime recording standard offences 

• Where a suspect has been identified and formally interviewed under caution or at a voluntary interview

You have three months from a no further action decision being made to request a review and this must be within six months from the date of the incident for minor offences (summary offences). 

There is no time limit between the date of the incident and the request for a review for more serious offences (indictable offences) but the request must be registered within three months of a no further action decision being made.

Please speak to the officer who investigated you case to find out if it is a summary or indictable offence.

Once a review has been requested the force has six weeks to complete it. All reviews will be conducted by a Detective Inspector or Detective Chief Inspector. If, after the review you are still unhappy with the outcome you can seek a judicial review at the High Court.

If the review results in the original no further action decision being overturned, the suspect will be re-arrested or summonsed (postal requisition), depending on the seriousness of the charge. Out of court disposals can be used if the original decision is overturned and it is appropriate to do so.

To request a review, please click on this link    

Victims of crime are also able to request a review of a Crown Prosecution Service  decision not to bring charges or to terminate all proceedings. To find out more about the CPS Victims' Right to Review Scheme, click here


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