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What Action Can Be Taken?

Any level of action taken to tackle anti-social behaviour will depend upon the seriousness of the complaint. Not every incident reported to Northamptonshire Police can be dealt with by a police officer, however all incidents will be subject to the high standards of delivery.

Action may include:

Anti-Social Behaviour Units

This specialist unit conducts high-level, problem-solving and multi-agency working with a single aim of reducing anti-social behaviour.

The unit comprises both police officers and local council staff and is situated within three offices across the county.

ASBU officers are specialist file builders in respect of a number of areas or civil law in the Magistrates', County and Crown Courts.

Their streams of work include:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)
  • Anti-social behaviour injunctions
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC's)
  • Premises Closure Orders
  • Drink Banning Orders
  • Formal warning letters

All work within the unit is carried out in partnership with our community safety partnership colleagues and with numerous statutory and voluntary bodies across the county with regular multi-agency meetings.

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders were introduced in section 1 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. An Anti-Social Behaviour Order is a civil remedy similar to an injunction containing prohibitions which are considered necessary to protect individuals. A breach of an ASBO is an arrestable offence with the punishment of a custodial sentence and or a fine. Anti-Social Behaviour Orders last for a minimum of two years. A court need only be satisfied that a person has acted in an anti-social manner and that the order is necessary for the protection of others in a community, before it has the power to impose any terms it considers necessary to protect others from further anti-social acts.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch schemes exist in many communities across Northamptonshire. The aim of such schemes is to gather local information regarding the effects of Anti-Social Behaviour and other issues (i.e. crime) on the quality of life of local communities. Such information, recorded and delivered by Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators, is used by the police and local authorities to help improve the area in which you live.

Action which may be taken by local council authorities may include:

Diary forms or monitoring sheets

This method of recording information will normally be initiated by local councils, housing associations and registered social landlords. Such records will be used support the decision regarding the most appropriate course of action required and may be used as evidence in any subsequent court hearing.

Warning letters

Warning letters are official notices issued by the organisation which has received a complaint of anti-social behaviour. They are sent to the person who has been identified as causing the problem formally warning them of the possible consequences if they persist in causing a nuisance.

Anti-Social Behaviour Units

Borough Councils employ Anti-Social Behaviour Officers who are responsible for issues involving both council provided and private accommodation. These officers will explore all avenues to resolve issues brought to their attention.

Useful contact numbers:

Corby Borough Council – Corby - 01536 464000

Daventry District Council – Daventry - 01327 871100

East Northants District Council – Thrapston - 01832 742000

Kettering Borough Council – Kettering 01536 410333

Northampton Borough Council – Northampton – 0300 330 7000

South Northamptonshire Council – Towcester – 01327 322322

Wellingborough Borough Council – Wellingborough – 01933 229777


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