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Who Should I Report A Problem To?

Having identified that you are the subject of anti-social behaviour or a problem has been identified within the community you live what options are open to you?

Initially you may feel that you are the best person to resolve the issue. This course of action is best carried out when you are calm as tempers can easily flare and cause the issue to become more serious rather than to agree on an amicable solution.

If you are able to attempt to speak to the person responsible for causing the problem and he or she fails to listen to your concerns or shows a less than responsible attitude towards you, then the issue will require another form of intervention.

If the problem is occurring on a daily or frequent basis, it will assist the police or other agencies if relevant information referring to the problem is kept in a chronological log, which should include times, dates and the nature of the incident, and if known, the identity of the offender.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) recordings, if available, may also be of evidential value. This information will support any future official action.

You may need to contact one of the following organisations:

Borough Councils

Housing Department – if the person who is causing the problem is a council tenant.

Environmental Health Department

For persistent noise nuisance, air pollution and public health issues.

Community Safety Department

Normally based within the Borough or County Council offices, the Community Safety Officer may be able to provide assistance or guidance


Northamptonshire Police employ Safer Community Teams across the county.

Made up of police officers and police community support officers, they work within communities and will deal directly with incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Police Anti-Social Behaviour Units cover all areas of Northamptonshire. Members of the public do not have direct contact with these units, however a referral process exists in order that offenders are dealt with in a firm and positive manner.


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