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Closure order on Northampton property frequented by drug users

Police have successfully obtained a closure order on a property in Northampton town centre following months of anti-social behaviour incidents at the address.

The closure order, executed under Section 76/77 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, was imposed on 23, St John's House in St Andrew's Street, Spring Boroughs, on Friday.

Northampton magistrates imposed the order followed repeated reported incidents of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity over the past few months.The premises will now be closed for three months prohibiting the tenant or any visitors from entering the address.

Pc Lee Stevens, from the Central Neighbourhood team, said “This was a case whereby the tenant was allowing an extreme number of visitors to visit her address at all times of day and night believed to be involved in the use of  drugs. 

"Residents complained of these visitors loitering on the stairs smoking and using drugs and using the lift as a toilet. 

“Residents were intimidated and afraid to leave the block alone for fear of who or what they would find in the stairwells or lifts. 

“Due to some proactive work with other other agencies including Northampton Partnership homes, this matter has been successfully resolved allowing residents to feel safe in their homes again”

Pictured are weapons and mobile phones recovered from the address which is now closed.

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