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Cocaine gang from Northamptonshire jailed for more than 50 years

Six men involved in a cocaine supply conspiracy, where officers seized drugs with a street value of £145,000, have been sentenced to more than 50 years in jail.

Five of the defendants had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, however one of them, Raymond Gray, denied the allegations.

Following a trial at Northampton Crown Court in June, he was unanimously convicted of conspiring to supply Class A drugs and on Friday sentenced with his co-conspirators to a total of 52 years and one month in prison.

Judge Michael Fowler described the gang as running a substantial operation and conspiracy which profited from those addicted to drugs.

Adding: "It was profit made from the addictions others suffer and it creates more addiction.”

  • Asa Beasley, aged 36, of Leatherworks Way, Little Billing, Northampton, was sentenced to six years.
  • Andrew Morales, aged 36, of Irons Road, Harlestone Manor, was sentenced to 10 years six months.
  • Barry Moylan, aged 46, of Hidcote Close, East Hunsbury, Northampton, was sentenced to eight years nine months.
  • Richard Gray, aged 49, of Holcroft Drive, Wigan, was jailed for 12 years and four months.
  • Raymond Gray, aged 45 of Lysander Drive, Warrington, was jailed for seven years six months.
  • Clive Andrews, aged 57, of Cherry Tree Court, Moira, Derbyshire was jailed for seven years.

The investigation into the wholesale supply of class A controlled drugs in Northamptonshire started when Beasley was arrested on August 2016 and found in possession of one kilo of high purity cocaine that had had been blocked, stamped and imported from outside of the UK.

At the time he was en-route to meet Andrews in Derbyshire, having met Richard Gray earlier in the day.

Investigators found 14 key dates prior to his arrest where he is believed to have made further exchanges of cocaine of a similar value.

The main subjects of the conspiracy were Morales, and Richard Gray. Moylan acted as a right hand man and currier whilst Beasley acted as a courier, both working on behalf of Morales, based in Northampton.

The upstream supplier, Richard Gray, was supported in his activities by his brother, Raymond Gray.

In December 2016, officers carried out warrants on five of the defendants’ addresses.

During the search of Andrew’s address, they discovered a large amount of cash, over 1.5 kilos of cocaine, cutting agents and other articles for use in processing and distributing drugs. This included mixing equipment and a hydraulic press.

It is believed that this is the address used to adulterate and repackage their product for onwards sale.

Detectives found Moylan had made numerous bank transfers to Richard and Raymond Gray as payments from Morales.

Moylan received £82,282 in cash credits over 22 months. £55,000 was transferred to Richard Gray and £11,150 to Raymond Gray.

Emily Sharpe, an investigator with EMSOU (East Midlands Special Operations Unit) said: “We’re very pleased indeed with the sentences handed down by the judge today.

“These men were part of a serious and organised crime group who were in action for a lengthy period of time.

“Their organisation was well planned and professional and we are pleased that such a thorough investigation has put an end to their long term criminal activity and disrupted a drugs supply chain that, ultimately, cause so much misery to so many people.”

  • The numbers below relate to the group image of the gang:
  • 1 Richard Gray
  • 2 Raymond Gray
  • 3 Barry Moylan
  • 4 Andrew Morales
  • 5 Asa Beasley
  • 6 Clive Andrews

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