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Gender identity event 2017

An event is being held at Northamptonshire Police headquarters today for the region’s emergency services to help raise awareness and develop understanding of gender identity both within the force and the wider community.

The event will be attended by a number of speakers who will all share their personal experiences with gender identity, including Megan Key, who is an Equalities Manager in Probation (NPS) and is herself transgender, Ayla Holdom, who has served as a pilot in the Royal Air Service for 13 years and is also transgender, and Lisa Vine, Project Lead for the Young Transgender Centre of Excellence (YTCE). Also attending will be Gina Denham and Fox Fisher, who will be the keynote speaker launching the training video, ‘Trans Awareness in the Workplace’.

The gender event itself has been organised by Chief Inspector Sarah Johnson, who believes this event provides a great opportunity for awareness on gender identity can be reinforced.

She said: "Gender is something that affects everyone, and it is important Northamptonshire Police continues to build upon their awareness and understanding of issues that affect members of the force itself, as well as the wider community. It is through the training video launched by Fox Fisher and the attendance of regional emergency services personnel that this understanding can be reinforced at the event."

Chief Constable Simon Edens said today’s conference was an opportunity to develop understanding of a strand of diversity that affects everybody.

He added: "Today’s  gender event will be an invaluable opportunity for serving personnel from regional Police and Fire services to progress their knowledge and understanding of gender identities and expression. As part of our Force’s missions and values, we pledge to listen to the views of the community and make every effort to understand and meet their needs. This event will be a further step towards increasing awareness of gender identity issues within our community’.

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