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New approach to offender management in Northamptonshire

A radical new approach to managing offenders is being launched in Northamptonshire.

The AIM team will identify prolific offenders in Northamptonshire who present the most risk, harm and threat through their offending behaviour. 

These are the small percentage of people who are the most prolific and rehabilitating them can have a significant impact in reducing offending, breaking the cycle of crime and also taking the next generation out of crime.

Offenders will be offered a simple choice, either work with AIM who will provide a bespoke service to address why offenders commit crime, such as homelessness and substance issues. They will also go the extra mile to help people overcome these barriers and find sustainable employment.  

By refusing the support offered and continuing to offend, Northamptonshire Police will task enforcement officers to disrupt criminal lifestyle with vigour, exploiting every possible avenue to do so.

Anyone who chooses option A will be signing up to a contract which includes wearing a BUDDI GPS tracker which will allow them to evidence their desistance from crime and show their commitment to change. 

The AIM police officers, who will be known as ‘Navigators’ because they will be guiding the ex-offenders, will support them in a non-offending lifestyle.

Insp Daryl Lyon, the Force lead for Integrated Offender Management, said: "The AIM team will also be working with some offenders upon release from prison. Evidence shows that despite best intentions for a fresh start these first days out can be a real crossroads where an individual can slip back into old habits so early intervention from the AIM team will help that person to avoid the pitfalls and achieve stability.

"The AIM team will continue to look for new opportunities for employment, accommodation and mental health support for ex-offenders because these are just some of the pathways which will play a part in a sustained reduction crime. 

"If there are any businesses out there who would be interested in the part they could play in helping the AIM team to make Northamptonshire safer then we would welcome hearing from them. Please contact aim@northants.pnn.police.uk."

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