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Special Constable cleared of four sexual assault charges, but jury fail to reach verdict on four more allegations

A special constable with Northamptonshire Police was today cleared of four allegations of sexual assault.

After a seven-day trial, Neil Almond, aged 40, was acquitted by a jury at Northampton Crown Court of rape and sexual assault as well as two further charges of sexual touching.

However, the jury failed to reach verdicts on four other sexual assault allegations, including a rape charge. All the offences were alleged to have taken place between 2005 and 2015.

Judge Marcus Tregilgas-Davey dismissed the jury and gave the Crown Prosecution Service seven days to decide if they wish to press for a re-trial on the undecided counts.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesperson said: “We note today’s verdict at Northampton Crown Court. 

“Neil Almond has remained suspended from duties as a Special Constable since the allegations first came to light. That will remain the case until the court proceedings are concluded and when it has been determined if any further internal disciplinary proceedings will take place. As such, we will not be commenting any further at this time.”

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